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My story

My name is Sandra Edin. I was born in 1988 in the northern part of Sweden.

When I was seven years old, my dad bought me my first camera. Ever since that moment, I entered this world of capturing moments. I have found that this process encourages me, and the love of capturing moments has never stopped. In fact, I started dreaming of taking beautiful photos. I love the feeling of developing and challenging myself when I capture, edit, and develop photos. I love overcoming any difficulties that I encounter while in that process. This is what helps me develop my creativity.

As a person, I am warm, happy, and curious about life and other people. I love sharing experiences, and sharing laughter as well. Weddings, maternity, and landscape photography is my passion. Most of my photography is shot outdoors, using natural light in the thriving, green nature.

I am passionate about nature and I love to travel, and have long walks outside to breathe in the clean, quite air, expanding and fulfilling my creative mind with fresh, new energy.
My weakness is love and sunsets. When the light is just perfect, I can’t get enough of it. It makes my heart go crazy! As of this year (2023), I have shot over 100 weddings, and I can’t say anything else other than that I absolutely love it! I always carry a back up camera, empty memory cards, and extra batteries in case of an emergency, along with a happy smile. I also like to keep in close contact with my clients in the days leading up to the photography session for weather related reasons such as rain, or a change of plans. It is part of my job to assure my clients that regardless of bad weather, we will always get good pictures. There is always a solution, whether its a roof outside, a big tree, a beautiful interior, or in the nature with an umbrella as an accessory.

If you feel like contacting me for a pricelist or any other questions, whatever your heart desires, please ask away! I am very curious about every single photojob and keen on keeping my clients with the very best service they can get!

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